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Jesus, the Second Adam

March 2, 2010

Hi to all! This is my first blog. I want to start at the beginning–way back in the beginning–Gennesis 1. It is important to understand what took place in the Garden of Gethsema and in the Garden of Eden in order to understand what God has done for us and what He expects of us.

Adam and Eve had a major choice to make in the Garden of Eden. They could choose to obey God (hearken unto the Father) or they could hearken unto the liar (at that time in the form of a snake). The liar (devil, Satan) encouraged Eve to go ahead and do what she wanted to do, which was taste the forbidden fruit. He even went so far as to tell her that she would not die as God had said, but that she would be wise like God. She had a major choice to make. Would she choose righteousness or would she choose to do her own thing? She ate of the fruit. She offered Adam some of the fruit and he ate of the fruit.

 They made one wrong choice and gave sin and death opportunity in the earth. Their one wrong choice caused their immediate spiritual death and eventually their physical death. Their one bad choice caused them to become subject to the liar, making him god of this world. Their one bad choice also gave pre-eminence to their lower nature (carnal nature, flesh) so that from that time on they would be strongly tempted to obey the desires of their mind and bodies rather than doing the right thing. Their choice was selfish and selfish choices have caused all the innocent bloodshed that has been shed in the world. History tells the bloody story of man’s struggle to save himself from tyranny, oppression, sickness, disease, assaults, greed, poverty, starvation, pestilence, loneliness, heartaches, and untimely deaths. There was no way or . . .  was there?

 There is one who is called The Way. Let me tell you what He did. He was born 4000 years after Adam and Eve. He was sent by God to fix all the damage caused by Adam and Eve’s bad choice. His name is Jesus and He was born of a virgin and born of God so that He could be born flesh and blood, yet be spiritually alive as Adam and Eve were before the fall. Being flesh and blood, He was tempted like we are. He lived His life here cleaving to God and resisting evil–just as God has told us to do. He lived His life loving God with all His heart, mind, soul, and strength–just as we are told to do. He lived His life on earth walking by the spirit–not by His carnal desires–once we are born again; we are mandated to walk by the spirit–where God lives–and not by our carnal desires. He lived His life here believing, trusting, and obeying God–just as we are told to do. His life is a picture of what God is creating and what God expects of His sons. He walked the walk and talked the talk.

 Once Jesus had ruled over His carnal nature and walked it out, He was in a position to do something about eternal death. It was in the Garden of Gethsemane that the second Adam met His waterloo. It was the same scenario as Adam and Eve in the other garden. He sweated like great drops of blood as He resisted the liar (tempter) who was trying to get Him to choose His lower nature. The liar tried to tell Him that surely His loving Father would not require this of Him. But He prayed for God’s will to be done and not His will. He made the right choice. He chose to believe God and not the liar. He chose righteousness and agape love over self. He chose to shed His innocent blood for the world making complete atonement for Adam and Eve’s wrong choice. He chose to die so that we can live. He gave His spiritual nature pre-eminence over His carnal nature. In making these right choices He took the kingdom back from Satan and paid the price so that we can be saved from the penalty of sin and be given spiritual life again.

Now we have a choice to make–we can choose to follow Adam, but if we do, we will surely die just as he did. Or we can choose to follow Jesus, be born again of the Spirit of God and learn to walk by the spirit and not by the flesh and be sons of the living God.

 Ref : Gen: 1:26-28, 3:1-19, Isa: 53,54, Jn: 3, Rom: 3:10­-18, 5:8 ,5:14-21, 6:23, Rom: 6-8, 1Corinth: 15:21­, 50, 2Corinth: 5:21, Gal: 5:16-26, Eph: 2:1-6

© Sylvia Huffnagle

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