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Should We Argue The Scriptures?

February 13, 2010

Question About The Bible:

Is it right to argue over what one bible says, and what Jesus wants for our lives. Why is there so much arguing over what Jesus Meant.

A Bible Answer:

There are three reasons why we should not argue the scriptures.

1. Jesus did not come to create a religion but a new covenant

Jesus said that he did not come to bring peace and harmony to the world. Jesus did not come to establish a religious organization. In fact, he spent his time condemning the men who ran the current organization. Jesus did not come to write a bible. In fact, the bible was written after his death.

Jesus gave us a glimpse of his father. He continually tried to turn people’s eyes toward the Father. He came to fulfil the scriptures. He also came to prepare the way for the Holy Spirit. Jesus ultimately came to create a new covenant between God and the people who love him.

The problem is that we keep turning our eyes from Jesus. We use the scriptures to find biblical answers that sound right to us. We look for solutions to God’s problems that do not involve us submitting to God.

Paul did argue the scriptures. The bible says that Paul reasoned with men in the synagoues (Acts 17:2) when these men denied Jesus was the Messiah. Paul reasoned with Felix, and immoral governor in Robe (Acts 24:25)

Paul instructs us to be bold when we discuss the scriptures with people (Acts 20:27). Everyone needs the truth. It must be stated boldly and fully (2 Cor 3:12. Acts 20:27)

What you must focus on is that Jesus turned people’s eyes toward God. Paul turned men’s eyes toward Jesus and Salvation. If you read the bible, when Paul is being bold and stating that you ‘must’ – he is talking about sins of the heart that separate you from God. He writes letters to tell the church how to live in a manner that will help them keep their heart pure. Jesus did the same thing.

Paul condemns as ‘will worship’ the observance of ordinances ‘after the precepts and doctrines of men.” (Col 2: 20-23) The Greek word is ‘will worship’ meaning to worship the self imposed.

In Mark 7 Jesus rebukes the Pharisees for imposing their rules on the people. Jesus admonished the Pharisees – especially for one rule that makes it difficult for people to follow God. When we study the bible, we pick some things out of the bible and use those to impose our rules on others. Jesus said that we shouldn’t divorce. He also said we shouldn’t look on another and lust, lie, be violent, lose our temper, or let the weak suffer. We should live by the rules.

The Problems comes when we try to force another person to agree with, or obey, your views then it is important to remember that Jesus not only rebuked this behavior, he despised the Pharisees for the same thing.

If you want to argue the scriptures. Argue Christ’s salvation, love, mercy, and healing. If we want to argue then follow in the footprints of Paul. Argue with the cruel and immoral. Stand up for right. Despise those with money who use it to oppress the poor.

2. The arguements are rarely about something God considers ‘important.’

I’ve sat through many arguments over bible scriptures and there is always one constant. We rarely argue whether our soul is pure or whether we worship in a manner that is pleasing to God. Our heated debates never discuss whether we should tithe our time to charity, or whether it is wrong to lose our temper. Instead, we argue doctrine. We argue the aspects of the organization. We argue whether we will accept members who commit particular sins, while at the same time, forgiving our own. We argue that one sin is worse than another.

To Understand This Bible Answer – you must understand what the Bible is.  You also need to understand the bible’s Author – God.

3. The bible does not contain every manuscript, chapter, verse, and book that was passed down in the original manuscripts.

My God holds together the universe with the same ease that we breath. He is the author and creator. I do not fear that any perceived challenge to the inerrancy of the scriptures will unravel the church. There are over 5600 Greek manuscripts, 10 000 Latin manuscripts, and 500 other manuscripts. There are also the Patristic writings. No 2 manuscripts are identical. All ha e the same message. There are 200 000 differences among all 5600 manuscripts. Today’s New Testament has fewer books than the First New Testament.

If anything tears the church apart today, it will be man’s refusal to accept the Holy Spirit, bend to God’s will, and follow in Jesus footsteps. It will be our heard hearted attitude that focuses more on what other people should do, and shouldn’t do … much in the same way the Pharisees did 2000 years ago.

Another way to look at this would be to pick sides. Do you want to argue God’s love and Salvation with Jesus and Paul? Or, do you want to argue rules and tradition like the Pharisees.


If you have a question you would like a bible answer to you then post it Friday Night in the Live Chat. We will go beyond our group to find a God-Centered Answer to your Question.

Christian Women – A Royal Family

February 4, 2010


by Adetokunbo Oluwasanjo

11/26/2009 / Womens Interest

Lift up your head and square your shoulders

Stand up tall and do not be ashamed

Though you may be clad in jeans and a pink blouse, a skirt suit and stilettos or a kitchen apron with a ‘spilt sauce’ stain

In His eyes, you are clothed in fine, white linen

Adorned with Rubies of His Grace

Emeralds of His Righteousness

Sapphires of His Strength

And Pearls of His Beauty.

You are bathed in the Soul-cleansing Blood of the Lamb,

Your face is smoothened with the ‘anti-wrinkle’ Oil of Joy (no wonder you look so young!)

You may be a size zero, full-figured, petite or athletic

When He formed you, you blew His mind away!

He fearfully and carefully designed you

And when He was done, bursting with pride He said only one word “Wonderful!!!”

In Him you are perfect

Radiating more and more of His Glory as you grow in Him.

Everywhere you go, you leave a hint of your fragrance – a witness of your Saviour.

In your eyes, you might be an insignificant ‘one’ of six billion others

In His eyes, you are to die for..literally!

So Sister,

Redefine your identity

Wipe your hazy mirror clean

And take another look at yourself.

Can you see what He sees?

Don’t settle for less than you are

Celebrate the love that your Father has for you

You are the daughter of The King!

An heir to the wealth of heaven

A child of the Most High God.


And The Almighty rejoices over you.

Adetokunbo love sharing her faith through her stories and srticles. A medical doctor by profession, her hobbies include writing (of course!), singing, solving logic puzzles and creating christian paper craft. She is happily married to her best friend, Olumayowa.

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